About us

"You will feel at home
from the first minute"

        (Mr. Yaakov Ashash, CEO).

For Sulam Yaakov Developers, a home is much more than a place to live. It is a combination of environment, atmosphere, values ​​and quality of life. It is a place to develop and accomplish, to grow and flourish. For every customer, the finger is placed exactly in the center, this is their home, and around it are quality circles of environment, community, infrastructure and development, which complement the home and make it unique.

Sulam Yaakov are renowned for their high construction standards and their excellent workmanship, as well as their rich technical specifications with an emphasis on their well planned apartments, and their adaptations for every buyers’ specific requirements. The company specializes in the initiation, development and marketing of quality residential projects nationwide. Since its establishment, it has built over 500 housing units, and is proud to house hundreds of satisfied families and young couples in their various projects.


Our projects

We pride ourselves on our:

Financial stability
and reliability


Fair prices and
good payment terms

Development and
construction package

Personal and
professional attention

Well planned specification
that can be adapted for
specific requirements

High quality
construction standards


The company's vision

Solam Ya’akov is committed to leadership in the field of real estate in Israel.

Within it, the customer is at the center and to him the company brings meticulous locations, financial responsibility, creative planning and quality execution.

The company aims to provide real estate tailored to every individual in Israeli society and is motivated by a strong love for the Land of Israel and a mission to settle it with quality and professionalism.

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